Pusat Latihan Teknikal Perodua

Pusat Latihan Teknikal Perodua (PLTP) is a renowned technical training center based in Malaysia, dedicated to providing high-quality technical and vocational education and training (TVET). Supported by Perodua, one of the leading automotive manufacturers in Malaysia, the center aims to equip individuals with essential skills required for the modern automotive industry.

PLTP’s curriculum, spanning from automotive technology to advanced manufacturing, is designed to align with the ever-evolving industry trends and technology, thereby ensuring that the graduates are job-ready and competent in the rapidly changing automotive field. Through a blend of theoretical and practical training, PLTP helps students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry, fostering the development of skilled professionals who can contribute significantly to the nation’s growth and progress.

Why choose Pusat Latihan Teknikal Perodua to further study in TVET?

Choosing Pusat Latihan Teknikal Perodua for further study in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Industry Recognition: Perodua is one of the leading automotive companies in Malaysia. Its training center, Pusat Latihan Teknikal Perodua, is widely recognized in the industry, which can enhance the value of your qualification.
  2. Practical Training: The center focuses on practical, hands-on training, which is crucial in technical and vocational education. This approach ensures that you gain not just theoretical knowledge but also practical skills that are directly applicable in the workplace.
  3. Direct Access to Latest Technologies: Studying at a training center run by an active automotive company gives you direct access to the latest technologies and trends in the industry, providing an up-to-date education.
  4. Potential Employment Opportunities: Upon completion of your training, there may be possible job opportunities within Perodua or its related companies, increasing your chances of employment after graduation.
  5. Industry-Experienced Instructors: Learning from instructors who have direct industry experience can be highly beneficial, as they can share practical insights and real-world examples.
  6. Collaboration with Other Institutions: Pusat Latihan Teknikal Perodua often collaborates with other educational institutions, bringing in diverse expertise and broadening the educational experience for students.
  7. Certification: The center offers certification programs that can help boost your professional credentials and make you more attractive to potential employers.

Remember to consider your own interests, career goals, and learning style before making a decision.

List of TVET courses in Pusat Latihan Teknikal Perodua

Typical TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) courses in automotive industries can include:

  1. Automotive technology
  2. Automotive electrical and electronics
  3. Automotive mechanical systems
  4. Automotive service and repair
  5. Automotive body repair and painting
  6. Automotive parts and operations management
  7. Automotive chassis and drivetrain
  8. Engine management systems

Since the list can vary over time, I recommend checking Pusat Latihan Teknikal Perodua’s official website or contacting them directly to obtain the most recent information about the TVET courses they offer.

Pusat Latihan Teknikal Perodua fees

The entry fee is fully covered by PERODUA.

It’s best to directly visit their official website or contact them for the most accurate and up-to-date information about their fees.

Career prospect after graduate from Pusat Latihan Teknikal Perodua

Pusat Latihan Teknikal Perodua, also known as the Perodua Technical Training Centre, is a highly respected institution that provides technical and vocational training related to the automotive industry.

After graduating from this institution, you are well equipped with skills specifically catered to the needs of the automotive industry. Here are some potential career prospects:

  1. Automotive Technician: This is the most direct career path where you can work on repairing and maintaining vehicles.
  2. Automotive Engineer: This involves designing new vehicles and improving existing models.
  3. Quality Control Specialist: Ensuring all vehicles meet certain safety and quality standards.
  4. Automotive Parts Manager: You could manage an auto parts store or an automotive parts section in a larger retailer.
  5. Service Consultant: In this role, you would advise customers on necessary vehicle repairs and maintenance.
  6. Sales and Marketing: You could work in sales and marketing for automotive companies or dealerships.
  7. Automotive Instructor: You could also become an instructor yourself, teaching the next generation of automotive technicians.
  8. Fleet Management: Managing a fleet of vehicles for a company.
  9. Warranty Manager: Every vehicle comes with certain warranties. As a warranty manager, you would manage these warranties and handle any claims that come in.
  10. Research and Development: Work in R&D departments of automotive companies to develop new technologies and improve existing ones.

In addition, Perodua, being a major car manufacturer in Malaysia, can also offer direct employment opportunities to graduates. Jobs could range from working on the assembly line, in the design department, or within management.

Remember that your career path can also be influenced by further education and specializations, as well as the evolving needs of the automotive industry, such as the growing field of electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology.”

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